Why drink raw juice? Why choose a raw, plant-based diet?

Fresh, raw, organic juice and food can help you lose weight and regain your health. Eating a high percentage of live foods (meaning raw foods) and superfoods (meaning densely nutritious foods) is one of the best things you can do to improve your quality of life. Health is wealth, after all — and far too many of us are not enjoying life and its abundance because we are not well enough to do so! Those extra pounds you carry often indicate that your lifestyle is not in balance with your body’s needs. Having experienced this personally (and having lost 35 – 40 pounds by converting to plant-based dieting), I am delighted to be helping others become healthier and happier through the delicious and highly nutritious offerings at Electric Juice Factory.

Thanks to science and anecdotal evidence, we already know a great deal about the benefits of plant-based, raw food dieting, and this “food revolution” continues to gain momentum, for obvious reasons. Drinking raw, pasteurized juice is the easiest way to flood your body with “live” plant nutrients — especially when you let Electric Juice Factory do the shopping, chopping, juicing, and bottling for you!

You should aim for your juice diet program to be the beginning of a new, or renewed, way of life—not merely a “quick fix” diet that you ditch once you have lost weight. Plant-based eating is a wonderful way to be in a healthy, positive relationship with your food. It is a diet and lifestyle that contributes to numerous benefits for self, others, and environment.

Weight loss will likely became secondary to all the other amazing health benefits you will receive when you modify your diet toward greater plant consumption and raw, whole ingredients. Switching to juice and plant-based dieting, people report that pain disappears — headaches gone, back pain gone, knee, ankle, and foot pain gone, or joint pain gone. Plant-based and juice dieting reduces inflammation. Others report skin improvements, hypertension gone, sleep improved, mood improved, increased energy levels. People become happier and much more capable of dealing with stress. Some people have cured their diseases, and certainly many have prevented disease from developing, by choosing plant-based dieting.

Electric Juice Factory diets will help you lose weight and feel great:

—Juice supplies an abundance of absorbable nutrients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and biophotons that satisfy the body’s nutritional needs, which means feelings of hunger are reduced

—Nutrients in fresh, raw juice are highly absorbable and this squelches cravings, which is hugely helpful for weight loss

—Juice is energizing; it helps combat fatigue. This is in part due to the presence of biophotons (the light of living cells/the energy plants absorb from the sun), which have been found by researchers to be very important to health, and primarily available through eating live, raw, organic plants. Biophotons are a relatively new and very exciting and inspiring area of nutritional research

—WE NEVER PASTEURIZE! Fresh, raw juices are considered “live food” because they feed the body a large amount of nutrients, enzymes, and microorganisms, biophotos that have not been destroyed by heat or processing (as when bottled juice is pasteurized, either by heat, which is the most damaging, or the gentler, but still not ideal, HPP or “high pressure” method). For similar reasons, juice is best when extracted using a commercial cold-press machine like ours, since other methods/machines expose plant matter to heat and higher levels of agitation, causing damage to beneficial nutrients, enzymes, and microorganisms. But cold-pressing alone is not sufficient to create juice with maximum health benefits — it must be RAW and UNPASTEURIZED to ensure you are getting the full benefit from the plant extractions. Check the shelf life of that bottle of cold-pressed juice at your local supermarket… if a bottle of cold-pressed juice has a shelf life of 21 days, it isn’t raw or “living” juice, no matter what the bottle says — it has been pasteurized. If the bottle declares the juice is “raw” but it has a shelf life of 21 days, that company is engaging in a misleading advertising practice designed to attract consumers who know that “raw” is better… in truth, the juice is no longer “raw”, it has likely undergone a pasteurization method called HPP, which uses pressure instead of heat. Such companies justify their claim of providing a “raw” product based entirely on the fact that they are not using heat but pressure to extend shelf life, but any method that makes the juice “safer and longer lasting” for commercial distribution purposes also makes the juice less active and effective in terms of its therapeutic benefits. At Electric Juice Factory, we sell only truly RAW juice that will deliver the maximum benefit to your body

—Many people report that they actually feel like working out more when they juice. When you work out consistently, you build more muscle and that helps you burn more calories—even at a resting heart rate

—Juice detoxifies the body because it’s loaded with antioxidants. Toxins can cause you to gain weight, and make it very difficult to lose weight

—Fresh juice alkalizes the body, bringing pH balance. Vegetable juice in particular is quite alkaline, and drinking alkaline-rich juices encourages the body to release fat cells with the acids they contain

—Even people with very compromised digestive tracks can usually absorb the nutrients in fresh juice and superfood smoothies. It’s like a pre-digested food, and it feeds your body well, so that your brain stops screaming for more food — you feel much more satisfied. Juices and superfood smoothies should be an integral part of most rehabilitation programs and therapeutic dieting plans

—Most people eat fewer calories when they include fresh vegetable juice in their diet, even if they are not actively pursing weight loss

A juicing program adds valuable, bio-available micronutrients. Raw juices and superfood smoothies offer a heap of health benefits and a minimum of calories. Here are a few of the nutrients in our products that satisfy the body’s nutritional needs and promote weight loss:

Chlorophyll is a plant pigment that is concentrated in green leaves. Chlorophyll has been shown to deactivate systemic yeast. It binds to mycotoxins—those very acidic waste products produced by fungus and yeast. Chlorophyll blocks them from entering the bloodstream. When mycotoxins are deactivated, it removes a major barrier to weight loss for those who suffer from yeast overgrowth. That’s because C. albicans thrives in an acidic environment produced by its own waste. Then it pumps out even more mycotoxins in the process. However, because of chlorophyll’s very alkaline pH, the acidic mycotoxins are neutralized and the damaging cycle is halted. There are very specific nutrients found in juice, especially green juice, that can help you lose weight more quickly and easily. May women suffer from yeast overgrowth of Candida albicans which causes generalized symptoms that are easily misidentified. A host of symptoms, including carb cravings along with sinusitis, on-going fatigue, allergies, and vaginal infections, can be reduced or eliminated with anti-yeast dieting measures.

Enzymes speed fat burning. One of the major contributors to weight gain and fatigue is enzyme deficiency. Heat easily destroys enzymes, which means that processed and cooked food is sadly depleted of vital enzymes. This causes your enzyme-producing organs to work harder, which causes your metabolism to take the backseat. But when you drink plenty of vegetable juices (at least two 10-ounce glasses), which are rich in enzymes, you reduce the workload of your liver and pancreas. Then your body can concentrate more on the metabolic tasks of fat burning and energy production.

Magnesium boosts metabolism. Greens such as collards, chard, kale, beet tops, parsley, and spinach are especially rich in magnesium, which plays a key role in fat storage. It has been shown that as many as 80 percent of American women don’t get enough magnesium. When magnesium is low, insulin and glucose build up in the bloodstream and get stored as fat rather than being burned for fuel. Upping the intake of magnesium in the diet has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose by up to 35 percent. This would also help diabetics and pre- diabetics control their blood sugar. It is important to know that magnesium in supplements is packaged in particles that are rather large for the body to absorb, reducing their bioavailability down to 4 to 15 percent. But green plants take up the mineral from the soil and package it in much smaller particles that the body can absorb easily. That’s why juice is so effective and why there is nothing superior to whole foods—90 percent of plant magnesium can be delivered to the cells. Also, a British study found that magnesium- rich diets were associated with high levels of adiponectin—a hormone that is known to boost metabolism. Make sure you eat (and drink, of course!) plenty of dark leafy greens in your diet.

​Research Shows That Juice Diets Work!

One to two glasses of vegetable juice a day has been shown in university studies to promote weight loss, making it four times more effective over that of the non-juice drinkers on the same Heart Association Diet. Both studies were randomized controlled trials, each lasting twelve weeks. One study carried out by UC California-Davis amoung 90 healthy adults between the ages of 40 and 65, was found that each person that drank at least two glasses of vegetable juice a day met the weight loss goal while only seven percent of the non-juice drinkers met it. Participants who drank one or two glasses of vegetable juice per day lost an average of four pounds, while those who drank no vegetable juice lost only one pound. The researchers also found that people drinking vegetable juice had significantly higher vitamin C and potassium intake, and ate far less carbohydrates. Participants in the juice group with borderline high blood pressure also lowered their blood pressure significantly.

Those that drank vegetable juice said they enjoyed the juice and felt like they were doing something good for their body by drinking it. According to Carl Keen, Ph.D., Professor of Nutrition and Internal Medicine at UC Davis, and co-author of the study, enjoyment is critical to developing good eating habits that people can stick with for a long time. He noted that vegetable juice is something that people enjoy, plus it’s convenient and portable, which makes it simple to drink every day.

The Baylor College of Medicine study involved 81 adults that drank 8 to 16 ounces of vegetable juice daily as part of a calorie-controlled, heart-healthy diet. They also lost an average of four pounds over a 12-week period simply by adding the vegetable juice every day. Of the participants in the study, 83 percent had metabolic syndrome, which is a cluster of risk factors including excess body fat around the mid-section, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and elevated cholesterol. Millions of Canadians have some combination of these risk factors, placing them at increased risk for diabetes and heart disease. That’s why drinking veggie juice and eating a low- glycemic diet works so well for weight loss and is especially helpful for people with blood sugar challenges such as those with metabolic syndrome.

Alkalizing Your Body Promotes Weight Loss

Many people eat a high-sugar, grain, and animal-based diet with coffee or black tea, soda pop, and wine or beer to complement. All these foods promote acidity in the body. Plus, sugar and simple carbohydrates cause yeast and fungus to grow, which produces more acid. “Acid-forming food” does not mean the state of the food when you eat or drink it, but the final ash residue after it is metabolized. Due to this acid-forming style of eating, along with not eating enough greens and other living foods, many people suffer from a condition known as mild acidosis. This condition is an out-of-balance pH leaning toward acidity, which means that the body is continually fighting to maintain pH balance.

Two symptoms of acidosis are weight gain and an inability to lose weight. Obesity is an acid problem. When the body is acidic, it will store acid in fat cells and hang onto those cells and not allow you to lose weight in order to protect your delicate tissues and organs. It will even make more fat cells in which to store acid, if they’re needed. To turn this scenario around, it’s important to alkalize your body.

Vegetable juices are one of the best ways to alkalize your body that you will ever find.

Also, to give your body a great start in rebalancing your pH, make 60 to 80 percent of your diet alkalizing foods like green vegetables, raw juices, grasses like wheatgrass juice, fresh vegetables and fruit, raw seeds, nuts, and sprouts. Reduce your consumption of acid-forming foods such as meat, dairy products, and whole grains to no more than 25 percent of your diet. I also recommend that you avoid sweets, alcohol, soda pop, sports drinks, junk food, energy bars, and most processed foods, which are all very acid forming.

Acidosis can cause the following problems:

  • Weight gain, obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular damage
  • Bladder problems
  • Kidney stones
  • Immune deficiency
  • Free radical damage
  • Hormonal problems
  • Premature aging
  • Osteoporosis and joint pain
  • Aching muscles and lactic acid buildup
  • Low energy and chronic fatigue
  • Slow digestion and elimination
  • Yeast/fungal overgrowth
  • Lower body temperature
  • Frequent infections
  • Loss of joy and enthusiasm
  • Depression
  • Stress symptoms
  • Pale complexion
  • Headaches
  • Inflammation of the cornea and eyelids
  • Inflamed, sensitive gums
  • Mouth and stomach ulcers
  • Cracks at the corners of the lips
  • Excess stomach acid
  • Acid reflux
  • Gastritis
  • Nails that are thin and split easily
  • Dull hair, split ends, failing hair
  • Dry skin
  • Skin irritation
  • Leg cramps and spasms

When pH balance is achieved, the body will move toward its ideal, healthy weight unless you have other health challenges or issues, such as emotional overeating. As the acidic environment is neutralized with mineral-rich alkaline foods that are alkaline in their final breakdown, there will be no need for your body to create new fat cells for storage of acids. And since the remaining fat is no longer needed to store acidic wastes, it simply melts away.

Our diet programs are a great way to restore your health. Diseases such as cancer thrive in an acidic environment. Take away the acid, and cancer cells don’t do as well. An alkaline diet also boosts your energy level, improves skin, reduces allergies, sustains the immune system, and enhances mental clarity.

Toxicity Causes Weight Gain

With over 87,000 new chemicals produced every year, we are exposed to thousands of toxins on a daily basis! Where do they go? Toxins are primarily shuttled off to fats cells so our delicate organs and tissues won’t be harmed. Toxins are acidic, and the body holds onto the fat that stores them as a protective measure, because it’s number one job is to keep you alive, not slim. When you have toxins in your body, you will have difficulty losing weight. These acidic pollutants collect in cells, tissues, organs, and fluids between the cells, which also makes cellular metabolism inefficient.

Additionally, they show up as cellulite, which is trapped fat cells, fat, and fluids. The result of toxic overload is sickness, fatigue, pain, weight gain, and eventually disease, such as cancer. Fresh juice is rich in antioxidants that bind up toxins and carry them out of the body. The weight starts melting away because the body can finally let go of the fat cells that stored the toxins.

Biophotons: The Weight Loss Secret

Raw juices and living foods are packed with biophotons—those light rays of energy the plants absorb from the sun. When we cook food, these beautiful rays of light and life are destroyed or shrink considerably. The latest research by Professor F.A. Popp and Dr H. Niggli shows that, in addition to the chemical composition of our food, light energy (biophotons) is an important factor in food value. The more “light” or photons a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is. Naturally grown, sun-ripened, fresh vegetables and fruit are rich in light energy. The energy plants store from the sun finds its way into our cells when we eat and drink raw plant foods. These minute particles of light (biophotons) are the smallest physical units of light. They contain important information that controls complex processes in the body. They have the power to order and regulate our cells, which produces a feeling of vitality and wellbeing.

When you drink a big glass of fresh veggie juice and your day is focused on more live foods than cooked or processed food, your internal environment changes. Lack of energy and blockages are signs of disturbance in the flow of life energy. When we consume plenty of live foods, we will require fewer calories. In practical terms this means you won’t be as hungry. Biophotons help jumpstart the energy-producing mitochondria of our cells—the little energy units that pump out ATP –our energy fuel They also feed our DNA, which emits about 90 percent of the biophotons in the cell nucleus. This is important to our health because DNA is the basis for all processes occurring in the body. It’s also important for weight loss because DNA participates in metabolism. Biophotons carry biological information of the plant so it’s sort of like getting a software download from the plants, which can help correct physiological or biochemical errors taking place within your body.

A daily drink of fresh, raw vegetable juice can help your body undergo a positive transformation. You will feel better, lighter, and more energized as time goes on. Cravings generally disappear. Your sleep improves and you may need less of it. Your mind becomes more alert and creative. No longer will you find yourself in a disorganized fog because biophotons help your mind and body spring to life. You should experience more mental energy and creativity. And your metabolism gets a jumpstart. The mind receives electrical stimulation from the biophotons. In the process, your health improves. Symptoms and chronic diseases often will heal.

Organic Food is Important for Weight Loss

Scientists from South Korea discovered that a certain pesticide made rats fat, independent of their feeding behavior. “It’s possible that the sorts of genes that play a role in reading signals from the brain to the periphery to regulate fat are being acted upon by pesticides and all these [toxic] things that are in the environment,” said one of the doctors who designed the study. In another study mice were exposed for five day in utero to DES – an estrogen-like drug once used to prevent miscarriage. They were born at a normal weight and grew at a normal rate, but ended up much fatter over time than other mice that were not exposed. This was true even though the mice continued to eat normally and were as physically active as the mice that were not exposed to DES. It is important to note that DES is used in feed for factory-farm livestock and poultry to fatten them up. Drug residues show up in their muscle meat.

Could drug residues in commercial meat be contributing to weight gain for people who eat commercial animal products frequently? Dr. Ashrafi said, “Maybe environmental toxins are essentially drugs that we are taking [into our bodies] without knowing it, and they’re acting in this process to promote fat [gain].”

When you shop for beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, or any other animal protein, it is important to choose only organic and free-range muscle meats. Also, choose only organically grown vegetables and fruit. If you can’t afford all organic produce, make sure you purchase only organic produce from the foods listed on the Dirty Dozen list by the Environmental Working Group (www.ewg.org). Each year EWG tests fruits and vegetables to determine the ones that are the worst for pesticide residues and those that have the least— The Clean 15. Thin-skinned fruits such as apples, peaches, grapes, pears, plums, and vegetables such as spinach, cucumbers, bell peppers, and kale are typically on the list each year. Carrots are also near the top. But when it comes to onions, hot peppers, and avocados, they are near the bottom of contamination, with very little pesticide spray so you don’t have to purchase them organic. And lemons are further down on the tier, so you can purchase conventional lemons if the organic ones are too expensive. Be aware of ginger root though, because it is often soaked in a chemical.

Prepare to be Nourished! Some Guidelines

Now that you know in theory just how effective juicing is for weight loss, you probably want to experience it firsthand. Drinking a half bottle of our juice before each meal is a good way to start. This will help control hunger; you’ll just naturally want to eat less food. Cravings should disappear fairly quickly.

Drink at least one or two bottles of fresh juices daily, or one bottle of juice and one green, superfood smoothie

Drink one in the morning to get you energized, and one in the afternoon to keep you going or before dinner to help curb your hunger

Eat three or four servings of raw veggies and fruits each day, or additional superfood smoothies with raw ingredients. Our salads and salad bowls are perfect to satisfy this guideline, and so delicious

Maximize veggies, minimize fruit if weight loss is your goal—an all-fruit smoothie or glass of fruit juice has too much fruit sugar to benefit your body in some of the ways discussed above (reducing yeast in system, for example — yeast loves sugar!)

Choose a piece of low-sugar raw fruit such as grapefruit, green apple, or berries or some raw veggies for a snack

Eat about one quarter or less of your food cooked. If you have an illness or disease, then it is recommended that a larger percentage of your food should be eaten raw (juiced or blended if you have significant digestive issues)

Occasionally spend a day or two just drinking fresh vegetable juice (juice fasting) to help detoxify your system


The Importance of Raw Foods

Think about a day where you ate mostly cooked foods, with very little live food. Did you want to eat more food that day? This is where fresh vegetable juice, superfood smoothies, and salads are so amazing. Raw, cold-pressed juice and food is SURPRISINGLY SATISFYING. When you drink raw veggie juices and increase your raw plant consumption, you can experience the single most effective short-term antidote to cravings, weight gain, fatigue, and stress that is available.

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Here’s to health and abundance for all!

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