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This is a favourite cleanse, with the addition of 3 intense booster shots to your delicious and already densely nutritious juices. You get great system support in a Jump Start plan!

Each day, you will drink 5 bottles (16 oz each) of fresh, raw, nutritious, cold-pressed juice (3 of which are “green” blends) and 3 superfood supplement shots. You will begin with a shot of E3 Live, a flash-frozen organic blue-green algae supplement that is one of nature’s greatest superfoods, containing important amino acids not commonly found in plant products. Take your E3 Live in the morning on an empty stomach. Root Shot is raw turmeric, orange, ginger, lemon, and black pepper. You can take these raw juice shots at any time of day. The juice order above is our recommended daily order, but feel free to rearrange. This diet features all the benefits of raw juice plus additional immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic power from the booster shots.

Jump Start is a fresh juice plan, produced 2 days a week (Tuesday & Friday). You will be asked to specify your desired production day at checkout.


5 x 16oz bottles raw juice
1 x 1oz E3 Live Shot (blue-green algae superfood)
2 x 2oz bottlesRoot Shot  (raw turmeric, ginger, lemon, black pepper w orange infusion)

based on daily press schedule)
1 x yellow (Afterglow)
3 x greens (Pretty Green, Electric Green, Capacitor, Phyto, or Power Plant)
1 x red/orange ​(Beet Generation, Candle, Solar Cell)

Substitutions of juice blends are possible (subject to availability), but these changes may alter the pricing; please contact us for help if you desire substitutions (we can not offer online ordering of plans with substitutions).

Jump Start is a FRESH juice diet plan, produced on Tuesdays & Fridays. Please request your production day at checkout.

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