WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIES & JUICES? Superfood Smoothies and juices made with healthy raw plant ingredients are one of the fastest and easiest ways to fuel your body. The natural goodness in raw, plant-based smoothies and juices is highly “bioavailable”, meaning it enters the bloodstream quickly because these foods are already somewhat “broken down”, so the body does not need to work hard at digestion.

WHY CHOOSE RAW, PLANT-BASED EATING? Many raw plant foods have phytochemical properties and microorganisms that can help prevent cancer, stop inflammation, and provide us with the antioxidants we need to live healthfully. “Raw” means uncooked, unpasteurized, and minimally processed, and plant-based means that most of your food is derived from plants, preferably “whole food” plants — eating this way greatly reduces inflammation in the body, reduces bloating, increases circulation, increases energy and mental focus, prevents  and cures certain diseases and illnesses, helps with weight control, and reduces your complicity in unethical and inhumane factory farming methods. When foods are treated to extend shelf life, with heat pateurization or the less damaging pressure and radiation methods, potentially harmful microorganisms are killed, but so are all the beneficial microorganisms. Pasteurized foods are safer for stores to sell, but in the long term, people need to be consistently consume considerable amounts of raw and fermented plant foods to have a gut microbiome that is rich and healthy.

HOW DO COLD-PRESSED JUICE DIETS WORK? Juice dieting is a gentle form of intermittent fasting, which has been proven to stimulate cell regeneration and healing in the body — your body is flushed with densely nutritious vegetable and fruit juices that contain beneficial enzymes and microorganisms that enhance your gut flora, but other organs and systems of your body rest and you stop subjecting your body to foods that cause digestive difficulties, overproduction of insulin, and cell inflammation throughout the body

WHY IS COLD-PRESSED THE BEST METHOD? “cold-pressed” refers to the machine type used to extract the juice — a commercial cold-press juicing machine produces the best quality, most nutritious juices with the least amount of waste and nutrient/enzyme damage, because commercial cold-press machines do not use mastication/cutting (which creates more heat and friction) to extract the juice, but the slow pressure of a heavy hydraulic press.

WHY IS ORGANIC FOOD IMPORTANT? organic food helps people decrease their exposure to environmental chemical toxicity that contributes to weight gain, chronic inflammation, hormonal disruptions, and various illness, but organic food often tastes better, too, and organic farming methods reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals used in the agricultural industry. 

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